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While most eels you eat will have circumnavigated the globe on some unknown path to your plate, we have chosen to do things better, more respectfully and more transparently, and we know it shows in our products.  

Our aim is to provide our customers with a traceable, safer, and ultimately, more sustainable eel choice than what exists on the market. With the purchase of an American Unagi eel, you are not only supporting a well-managed glass eel fishery but a coastal Maine community with deep roots in the working waterfront.


We created a place and practice that maintains the purity of the natural world we call home. We purchase our elvers from licensed Maine eel harvesters, ensuring that they’re safe and sustainably sourced. Then we raise them in our state-of-the-art aquafarm, where they’re fed nourishing feed in size-graded tanks that promote free and healthy growth. The result is an indescribably delicious fish with the natural purity and freshness that could only come from Maine.


It took someone with a global perspective on seafood to realize that the new standard for world-class unagi had to come from Maine. Sara Rademaker’s distinguished career has taken her everywhere, from shepherding aquaponic micro-businesses in the US to managing large-scale aquaculture farms in Africa. Her passion for the native fish species that became the focus of her work finally landed her in Maine. Here, she’s partnered with the state’s fishing, culinary, and business communities to establish the country’s largest commercial eel farm as the kind of future-focused business critical to sustaining ourselves and our world.


The growth and success of American Unagi has been made possible by a vast network of supportive organizations. To each and every one, we offer our most sincere thanks and deepest gratitude.